Eternal green rose

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Eternal green rose - hope for romance

An eternal rose of green color refers to nature, it evokes a simple feeling intended for a person. In addition, green reminds us of hope. The box of green eternal rose evokes the abundance of the country.

What is the benefit of an eternal rose?

The rose is the goddess of cut flowers, it gives off a wide range of feelings. With its natural serum, stabilized rose crystallizes emotions, so they will last longer.

How to maintain a stabilized rose?

The eternal rose or preserved rose does not need a lot of care if you follow certain guidelines. Indeed, for this resplendent flower to keep its shine as long as possible, it is preferable to place it in a fairly healthy environment. This place should be away from a window (magnifying effect and prolonged exposure to the sun), from a humid environment (a bathroom). So, let your roses sit away from a working heat source. We recommend to avoid handling the rose too often, if you wish to dust it, do it with a soft brush.

What is the meaning of an eternal rose of green color?

Green is a tender color that inspires a feeling of well-being and escape. This shade expresses tenderness and is an invitation to imaginary journeys.

Who is the bouquet of green roses for?

This unusual bouquet is for people with a poetic and artistic temperament who have a particular taste for originality.

Why express your emotions with flowers?

The language of flowers is universal yet it is little esteemed, although it allows to express a wide range of emotions. We invite you to take a walk on our site, you will like to get lost in our bouquets, contemplate our offers of eternal roses or compose your bouquet using our cut flowers. In addition, if you wish you can personalize your bouquet by contacting our artisans at +05 82 95 37 97 .

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