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Mini bouquet, dried flowers: a touch of feeling

My pretty bouquet is ua delicate decorative attention, a mini bouquet that does not fade, made up of dried flowers and perennial roses (stabilized rose). From the “New collection” of dried flowers from your florist, Monsieur Flower, these bouquet will be presented in a designer packaging inspired by a country style.

Why prefer the eternal rose?

The rose, a true Madonna of cut flowers, has the capacity to express many feelings. In order to make these feelings last, the natural serum injected into the rose will make it stabilized. Thus the echo of the feelings that she gathers will resonate forever. 

How to maintain a stabilized rose? 

La eternal rose ou preserved rose requires little or no care if you follow a few guidelines. Indeed, for this object to stand the test of time, it is preferable to place it in a healthy environment. Keep the bouquet away from a window (magnifying glass effect and exposure to the sun for too long), the humidity level in the environment should not be too high (a bathroom for example). Also, avoid leaving your roses near a heat source. We advise you to handle the rose with care. If you want to clean it, do so with a soft-tipped tool such as a brush for example.


Do not hesitate to explore the online store, we offer you our bouquets, others eternal roses or you can compose your bouquet using our cut flowers. If you prefer personalized bouquets, contact our teams at +05 82 95 37 97 .

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