Bouquet of dried flowers and eternal roses "Tyrol"

Bouquet of dried flowers and eternal roses "Tyrol"

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Bouquet of dried flowers and eternal roses "Tyrol"

Great favorite of our florists, this bouquet of dried flowers "Tyrol" and in fiery red tones with its eterenelle rose, it is undoubtedly one of the most intense of our collection. Here the red eterenelle rose is sublimated with a sumptuous beige palm leaf

In this bouquet you will find:

  • preserved eternal rose
  • eucalyptus baby blue
  • hesperaloe parviflora
  • pampas • paniculate gysophile
  • oval lagure
  • jasmine essential oils (10ml)


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everlasting pink dried flowers In a white pot
Bouquet of dried flowers and eternal roses "Tyrol"