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Tulip bouquet: a sweet touch

The Tulip Bouquet is available in several sizes:

  • 10 tulips for a little extra attention (S)
  • 15 tulips for a standard size composition (M)
  • 30 tulips for a passionate bouquet (L)

The tulip: a pretty spring flower

The tulip, a symbol of lasting love, is a flower that usually blooms in spring, from April to May. Your florist, Monsieur Flower, offers you this variety cultivated in Holland (Netherlands), a region of reference throughout the world of tulip cultivation.

How to keep your bouquet of tulips as long as possible?

Cut flowers are fragile and may wilt faster than expected. In order to extend the shelf life, your florist has prepared some tips and tricks for you. Indeed, it is advisable to choose bulbs not too open when making the bouquet. It is also preferable to pour between 4 and 6 cm of water in a vase which is changed regularly and to avoid exposure to direct light and drafts. Finally, keep this bouquet away from heat.

How to express your emotions?

The language of flowers is universal, it allows feelings to be transmitted in all subtlety. Do not hesitate to stroll through our site as if a garden. Here you can get lost in our bouquets, contemplate our eternal roses or compose your bouquet using our cut flowers. If you prefer personalized bouquets, contact our team at XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX .

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