Dried bouquet "Lebasque"

Dried bouquet "Lebasque"

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Dried bouquet "Lebasque"

The dried “Lebasque” bouquet draws its inspiration from a flowery meadow, illuminated by dawn. With a country spirit, this composition is a real ray of sunshine, so it is ideal for bringing radiance and warmth to a room. Whether in your apartment, home office or even for your loved ones.


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How to express your emotions with floral language?

Although the language of flowers is vast and complete, it remains underestimated, while it makes possible the transmission of a wide range of emotions. Take the time to search our site in search of your favorite, you will appreciate getting lost in our bouquets, admire our eternal roses or make your bouquet using our cut flowers. However, if you wish you can always personalize your bouquet by calling our florists on 05 82 95 37 97

-S: 1 eucalyptus, 3 nigella blue, 7 tarwe SB burnt orange, 1 white delphinium, 2 oats, 1 hellicrysum SB mixed, 3 clear catkins -M: 1 cotton, 1 palmespear natural, 3 nigella flower SB natural blue, 3 scabiae , 3 oats, 3 natural SB spray roses, 10 orange wheat, 5 clear catkins, 2 SB MIXED helychrysum, 2 eucalyptus, statice tatarica. -L: 3 cottons, 1 palmestar, 3 nigella flower SB natural blue, 4 scabiae, 5 oats, 7 roses spray SB natural, 2 helichrysum SB mixed, 20 wheat oranges, 5 eucalyptus, 10 clear catkins.

Bouquet size

M (45-55cm), L (70-80cm), S (30-35cm)

Dried bouquet "Lebasque"
The softness of cotton in its center accompanied by bright colors brings me a feeling of joy

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Dried bouquet "Lebasque"
Dried bouquet "Lebasque"
From 45,00