Dried bouquet "kokoschka"

Dried bouquet "kokoschka"

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Dried bouquet "kokoschka"

The dried bouquet "kokoschka" surprises with its contrast. The white hydrangea is perfect in contact with the deep purple of the statices. This elegantly sober wedding clashes with the astonishing shape of the lotus flower.


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Flowers, are they vectors of emotions?

We do not necessarily think of the symbolism of flowers when choosing a bouquet that touches us. While this language adds a new dimension to the message we want to convey. In order to best meet your expectations, your florist encourages you to take a walk to discover his eternal roses, Its compositions of fresh flowers and also her bunches of cut flowers. However, if you wish, you can personalize your bouquet by contacting our teams on 05 82 95 37 97

-S: 3 purple statice, 10 orange burnt tarwe, 2 thistles, natural white statice tatriaca. -M: 5 natural orange spray roses, 3 thistles, 5 orange wheat, 60 lavenders, statice tatarica natural white. -L: 8 natural orange spray roses, 6 thistles, 12 orange wheat, 80 lavenders, statice tatarica natural white.

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M (45-55cm), L (70-80cm), S (30-35cm)

dried bouquet "kokoschka"
This finds a calming vision in an autumnal blues

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Dried bouquet "kokoschka"
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