Bouquet Salmon Roses "Delicious Bean"

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Bouquet salmon roses: the call to serenity

If the red roses recalls passion, a bouquet of salmon roses evokes the calm of emerging feelings. In order to send a subtle message, offer this bouquet to the person who haunts your thoughts.

Your flower bouquet, offered in different sizes (S, M - photo model, L) will consist of:

  • Salmon roses "Polka" »
  • Green carnations,
  • White roses,
  • Hypericum.

The "Polka" rose: dominant flower in the bouquet of salmon roses

Because of its salmon color, this rose symbolizes sincere affection. Indeed, this variety, which your florist in Toulouse Monsieur Flower uses for his compositions, can be recognized by its width and the pastel hue of its petals. In addition, the association of this rose with a light fragrance with white roses highlights this mandarin radiance.


“When I make this bouquet I am filled with positive energies! Ideal for bringing joy and good humor to the occasion of a festivity. "

Natalia, Artistic Director

Do not hesitate to consult us regarding the delivery of your bouquet.

Why express your emotions with flowers?

While the language of flowers is universal, it is underestimated, yet it can convey a wide range of feelings. Do not hesitate to stroll on our site as in a garden, you will like to get lost in our bouquets, contemplate our eternal roses or compose your bouquet using our cut flowers. However, if you wish you can personalize your bouquet by contacting our teams at +05 82 95 37 97 .

Further information

Bouquet size

L (70-80cm), M (45-55cm) - photo model, S (30-35cm)

Packaging color

Beige, White, or Black