Bouquet Red and white roses "Grand Ballet"

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Bouquet red, white rose: compose with grace

This bouquet of Rose offers a communion of red and white colors, an association mastered by your florist. Indeed, it is the will to mark the passage from passionate love to faithful love.

Your flower arrangement, offered in different sizes (S, M - photo model, L) will consist of:

  • Red Roses «Red Naomie »
  • White Roses "Avalanche",
  • Hypericum "Magical Red Flame - St. John's Wort",
  • Cotton "Gossypium Arboreum".

"Avalanche and Red Naomie" roses: a union full of elegance

On the one hand, with the color red, the bouquet will evoke the feelings that burn in us towards a being we care about. On the other hand, this white glow evokes a decided love, a matured love ready to take a step forward in a relationship. In order to surprise you, your florist, Monsieur Flower, has selected two exceptional varieties for this bouquet. Indeed, the "Avalanche" rose is found in major events and in particular in royal weddings. However, the “Red Naomie” rose does not have to be ashamed because cultivated for its blooming and its fragrance, it is the top-of-the-range Dutch rose par excellence.


“I wanted to create a cheerful and festive bouquet in the hope that it would be easy to offer on all occasions, especially to young women who are at the forefront of fashion and trends. "

Emma, ​​Founder


Do not hesitate to consult us regarding the delivery of your bouquet.


Express your emotions with flowers? Why wait ?

Often forgotten, the language of flowers can, with subtlety, convey a message, echoing your feelings. In order to best meet your expectations, your florist invites you to let yourself be enchanted by his offers of eternal roses, Its compositions of fresh flowers as well as its pretty cut flowers. You can also personalize your bouquet by contacting our teams at +05 82 95 37 97 .

Further information

Bouquet size

L (70-80cm), M (45-55cm) - photo model, S (30-35cm)

Packaging color

Beige, White, or Black