White Rose Bouquet "Imperial White"

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White rose bouquet: an echo of purity

This White Rose bouquet is suitable for many occasions, ranging from intimate ceremonies to those more formal. Thus, it is a bouquet that makes it possible to mark an event, to mark the passage from one stage of a relationship to another.

Your floral arrangement, suggested in different formats (S, M - photo model, L) will be arranged around:

  • White roses "Avalanche" »
  • White freesias 
  • Foliage: Lavender & Eucalyptus.

The "Avalanche" rose: find a farandole in the bouquet of White Rose

By their white color, these roses are the proof of the expression of a purity. Sometimes it is associated with the loss of innocence that follows a change in a person's life. In addition, the pronounced lavender scent to these white "Avalanche" roses highlights this. Indeed, this diversity, available by the Monsieur Flower team, makes it possible to compose with flowers of the most beautiful radiance and great durability. It has in particular been arranged on numerous occasions in important ceremonies such as royal unions.



“I made a great classic suitable for all occasions, this bouquet of white roses inspires softness and delicacy. The greenery brings freshness to it. "

Emma, ​​Founder


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Flowers, are they vectors of emotions?

We do not necessarily think of the symbolism of flowers when choosing a bouquet that touches us. Although, this language adds a new dimension to the message we want to convey. In order to best meet your expectations, your florist encourages you to take a stroll to discover our eternal roses, compositions of fresh flowers and bunches of cut flowers. However, if you wish, you can personalize your bouquet by contacting our teams at XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX .

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Bouquet size

L (70-80cm), M (45-55cm) - photo model, S (30-35cm)

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Beige, White, or Black