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Bouquet Red Naomi: an impulse of passion

This bouquet of Red Naomi roses, beyond proof of touching attention, it is also a mark of will. Indeed, it is the will to show appreciation for the loved one which occupies your mind.

Your flower arrangement, offered in different sizes (S, M - photo model, L) will include:

  • Red roses "Red Naomi »
  • Brunia "Albiflora",
  • Hypericum Rouge "Magical Red Flame - St. John's Wort",
  • Foliage: Verd Treefarn “Asparagus virgata”.

The "Red Naomi" rose: the magnificent ruby ​​of the bouquet

Because of its red color, these flowers express a sincere passion that we can bring to our soul mate. In addition, the association of this red rose with the powerful green of the brunia highlights this exceptional flower. Indeed, this variety "Red Naomi" which composes the bouquets of your florist Monsieur Flower in his shop in Toulouse, can be recognized by its imposing size. It is also available all year round because it is popular with the best Dutch rose growers. The "Red Naomi" rose is known for its vigor, indeed it has an excellent vase life.


“Very distant memories resurfaced in my memory when I received my first bouquet of red roses… I always have a lot of fun making this bouquet of flowers while imagining the message it will convey: declaration, love, passion… ”

Natalia, Artistic Director


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Why express your emotions with flowers?

The language of flowers elegantly evokes the reflection of our deepest feelings. In order to extend your journey, your florist will take you through their aisles where you will be presented with our offers of eternal roses, our dazzling compositions of fresh flowers as well as our cut flowers . You can also, if you wish, personalize your bouquet by contacting our team at XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX .

Further information

Bouquet size

L (70-80cm), M (45-55cm) - photo model, S (30-35cm)

Packaging color

Beige, White, or Black