Your partnership with Monsieur Flower

Use MF's unique tool to create your own personalized bouquet.

This tool allows you to create the box of roses that you will send and offer yourself. Choose the size of your flowers, then the size of your box. Then choose the color of the flower box and finally compose your pink by pink box of the color you want. Create your personalized box 


Surprise with natural flowers with a lifespan of several years.

The "eternal" rose is a true rose which has been stabilized at the time of its most beautiful flowering. The stabilized flowers are 100% natural, they receive a treatment via a unique totally ecological process consisting of replacing the natural sap with a preservative. This substance, similar to sugar, is 100% biodegradable and non-allergenic. Thanks to this natural preservation technique, the flowers retain their suppleness and natural freshness without any maintenance. They require no watering, no light and no special treatment.


Impress with the exceptional cases of Monsieur Flower.

Refined, minimalist and of superior quality, our boxes will surprise you! " For the creation of its boxes I was inspired by the French lifestyle. I wanted to stay on a style that is both classic, refined and trendy by also choosing colors that can adapt to all bouquets and which can blend harmoniously into any environment. I took great care in making these containers so that they reflect our brand image: refined and minimalist.


Please be assured of MF's professionalism for delivery.

Trust in our professional delivery services. Anxious to provide you with complete satisfaction, Mr. Flower has negotiated with his partners (chronopost and DHL) in order to provide you with the lowest prices. Fast and hassle-free deliveries. En Know more 

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