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Florist in the heart of Toulouse

“Since I was little, I have always been naturally very sensitive to the beauty of nature and the arts. I grew up in a thriving region surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes, green fields and meadows carpeted with flowers, which is surely why, three years ago, after my business studies, it was a real pleasure to start Monsieur Flower. So I suggested to my mother, a woman with delicate taste and a keen sense of beauty, to open a flower company. Fresh flowers, bouquets of flowers, bouquets of dried flowers and compositions, eternal roses, rare orchids and potted plants are now our daily life.

Three years later, we are a small team of eight people. We are creative, passionate about the arts, flowers, we love our work and we are happy to accompany our clients for the important moments in their lives.

Our shop is located in the heart of downtown Toulouse, with a lovely red brick basement which serves as our workshop for our bouquets, our compositions of fresh flowers, preserved roses and dried flowers. We have adapted this basement to allow us to dry our own flowers ourselves and offer you the best quality of dried flowers. »

Emma, Founder of Monsieur Flower

The front of the Monsieur Flower store, at 8 rue baronie in Toulouse, adorned with blue flowers.


Monsieur Flower is a specialist in the delivery of preserved flowers and more precisely, eternal roses. Delivery is ensured worldwide for preserved flowers. Regarding the delivery of bouquets of fresh flowers, Monsieur Flower delivers exclusively in Metropolitan France.

The first Monsieur Flower florist shop opened its doors in Toulouse (8 rue Baronie, 31000 Toulouse). We are one of the few Toulouse florists open on Mondays. You can find there a magnificent bouquet of cut flowers but also the possibility of choosing and even creating your eternal rose box. 

Our stabilized natural roses (eternal) are very resistant and can decorate your interior for more than 3 years depending on exposure to the sun, wind and weather. We offer you many bouquet styles of cut flowers and above all a concept very little known in France: the eternal rose box.

What is the concept of MF?

Monsieur Flower is a French brand with certain values ​​and ethics:

    • Creates artistic flower bouquets in ultra modern and design packaging
    • Combines the traditions of French florists and innovative technologies such as floral stabilization
    • Understands how to surprise customers with bouquets of natural stabilized (eternal) flowers that remain fresh for 3 years without any maintenance
    • Sources from French farmers

Surprise with our natural flowers whose lifespan is several years

The "eternal" rose is a real rose that has been stabilized at the time of its most beautiful flowering. It is in our Toulouse workshops that our florists embellish their composition with this refined rose. The stabilized flowers are 100% natural, they receive a treatment via a unique totally ecological process consisting in replacing the natural sap with a preservative. This substance, similar to sugar, is 100% biodegradable and non-allergenic. Thanks to this technique of natural preservation, the flowers retain their suppleness and their natural freshness without any maintenance. They require no watering, no light and no special treatment.

Impress with the exceptional product casing of Monsieur Flower.

Refined, minimalist and of superior quality, our boxes will surprise you! ”For the creation of its boxes I was inspired by the French lifestyle. I wanted to stay on a style that is both classic, refined and trendy by also choosing colors that can adapt to all bouquets and which can blend harmoniously into any environment. I took great care in making these containers so that they reflect our brand image: refined and minimalist.

Let our florists advise you in our shop in Toulouse.

Our Eternal Roses