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How to choose the shape of your bouquets of flowers?

The round bouquets are still very popular and can match any floral style. This shape also has the advantage of presenting the flowers on all sides of the bouquet.  

The round bouquet is perfect for the wedding, and especially the bridal bouquet. It is also very suitable for the table decoration of any type of event or as a gift for a birthday, a baptism, a housewarming or just as a small gesture of attention to friends or family. 

The one-sided bouquets unlike the round bouquet are suitable to appear on one side only and are very popular in Asia. To make it, we choose flowers with different stem lengths: the longest are placed in the middle and framed by shorter flowers. The result is a triangular shaped bouquet that stretches upward. Only the outer side of the bouquet is filled with flowers, and the back is usually covered with greenery. Ideal flowers are tall and straight. These are gladioli, lilies, callas, amaryllis and anthuriums. Roses and irises can complete the composition. A one-sided bouquet can be an original gift for a birthday, a wedding or when visiting friends or family members.


Le high bouquet is a bouquet that must have an elongated shape. It seems to tend upwards, so it generates a real dynamic, like a force for growth. But these are not the only features of the set: It belongs to linear layout types, so straight lines dominate in this design; There is a focal point, that is, a center that attracts attention; Linearity requires conciseness and restraint, so a minimum of plant material is used.

During assembly, the flowers are placed at different levels so that the composition is dynamic. The high bouquets are generally made from flowers with long stems, such as long roses, orchids, amaryllis, chrysanthemums, gladioli etc ...

Bouquets in height are very aesthetic and very appreciated as a gift for a wedding, a birthday, a baptism or for friends.

How to express your feelings through flowers?

Le flower language appeared in Antiquity in the East and its creators were women. Knowledge of the language of flowers came later to Europe. In the language of flowers you can express all your feelings: from love and affection to hatred and the declaration of war. Currently, there is a generally accepted symbolism of the meaning of colors. 

La White Rose means eternal love, innocence, purity. The white rose is also a religious symbol. These are the flowers of the Mother of God, which adorn all the temples. White roses express heavenly love and protection. So, white flowers are versatile, they are suitable for almost any occasion. White flowers are also believed to bring light, purity, and pleasure. 

White roses are the most popular flowers used for wedding decoration and for the bridal bouquet. It is also a wonderful gift for a birthday, christening or housewarming. The white lily signifies purity and virginity, it is also often presented for a wedding or a baptism. The white chrysanthemum evokes sincerity. White freesia speaks of respect and sympathy, and when paired with white hydrangea, they offer friendship.

It is easy to guess that the red flowers, especially roses, speak of the most violent sensations raging in the chest. Their vibrant color is meant to represent desire, passion and love. The language of flowers deciphers red tones like love and affection. Sometimes red roses can convey even more than feelings. However, this does not mean that friends cannot give each other red roses, but homage, friendship and respect.

An interesting fact: if a bouquet has an almost equal number of red roses and white roses, this gesture will be interpreted as admiration, friendship, equal rights, respect and the will to do compromises. Red roses are a wonderful gift for a wedding or an anniversary. 

Le pink is the color of delicate beauty, sophistication and elegance. Pink roses are almost as popular as red roses. They are held in high esteem by young girls and adult women. However, they are more neutral in the expression of feelings than the red ones. A bouquet of pink roses is suitable when it is not yet customary to shout out your feelings loudly, when they have not yet had time to ignite, but it is ideal for those who want to awaken the sympathy of a woman in return. Pink roses will look great as a gift for a friend, for a birthday or a wedding.

THEorange is always associated with warmth and positivity, and orange roses are no exception. These luminous, colorful and warm heads delight the eye even in the most melancholy moments. Orange roses look like yellows, perfect for congratulations on winning a contest, promotion at work, or just a happy birthday. A more colorful bouquet can be achieved by combining orange, red, white and other flowers. So not only will you make the perfect bouquet, but you will also add “I love and appreciate you” notes to your “I'm proud of you” message.

Le number of flowers also counts. So we give a rose when we want to show interest, 3 roses are given to show friendship or love, 5 roses mean love and sympathy. it is customary to offer 9 or 19 roses for a wedding, 11 roses can be given to your wife with whom you have been together for a long time, 15 roses mean fiery love and a bouquet of one hundred roses will say: you are the only one for me and forever.

How to clean your bouquet of dried flowers?

Some simple rules for taking care of a bouquet or a composition of dried flowers: do not place your bouquet in the middle sun, do not place it in a room wet and poorly ventilated, clean your bouquet or composition of dust with a hair dryer setting its breath to minimum and cold air and it will serve you for two to three years.

How to dry your flowers?

You can dry some flowers yourself, for example by hanging them upside down in a well-ventilated place. It is very important to leave the flowers without light, in order to preserve the natural color of each flower. If, on the contrary, you want to bleach the flower to paint it a bright color using paint, hang the flowers so that sunlight falls on them. After two to three weeks, your flowers will be dried and you can make your own bouquet. But not all flowers are dried in the same way, there are flowers, which after drying lose their color and shape. Our florists know which flowers and cereals are ideal for drying, which ones to preserve their appearance as much as possible in a dried form. Do not hesitate to contact them to ask them for advice.

How do I preserve my bouquet of dried flowers?

Nothing very complicated for that: first of all, once in possession of the bouquet, we recommend that you shake well before applying (at least 30 cm from the bouquet) a thin layer of hair spray in order to avoid flowers to fall apart.