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The purchase of a bouquet of fresh flowers is ideal to decorate your interior, but also to offer a wonderful attention to the person of your choice. Indeed, what could be more pleasant than to receive a superb bouquet of fresh flowers? Monsieur Flower is a workshopflorists who puts all his know-how at your service. round bunch, high bouquet, ikebana bouquet, rustic bouquet. We offer you bouquets of fresh flowers combining design and elegance, from the most classic to the most original.

La delivery of bouquet of fresh flowers is possible anywhere in France within 24 hours. Simply place an order directly from our website, or by telephone if you prefer to speak directly with our florists for the purchase of your bouquets of flowers.

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A unique interior decoration 

What could be more sparkling to brighten up your interior than a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers? Whether for oneself or for others, the bouquet of fresh flowers is a must… Indeed, the bouquet of fresh flowers stands out as a key element of decoration. It will certainly perfect the furnishing of your living room and find a place of choice in a pretty vase. A bouquet of fresh flowers brings vitality and freshness to your interior. This key element of decoration is well known for circulating positive energies. In doing so, it brings relaxation and conviviality while boosting your vitality to the highest level. In the art of feng-shui (art which consists of arranging rooms so that vital energies can circulate there), it is advisable to embellish your interior with fresh flowers, which symbolize the dynamism and movement of life. . As you will have understood, in addition to being a decorative asset, the purchase of a bouquet of fresh flowers is a well-being asset! In addition to being an ephemeral sweetness, all our bouquets are unique, made up on demand by our florists. They are therefore adaptable according to all tastes, and quickly renewable. Here is another of its many advantages: the bouquet of fresh flowers is an interior decoration that you never get tired of! 

Original gift idea 

For a thank you, show your gratitude. But also for a birthday, a big occasion, a success in exams, a birth, a housewarming, a little attention, the bouquet of fresh flowers stands out as being the ideal gift... Indeed, it is often difficult to find THE perfect gift that will please a loved one, each occasion to offer and each person are unique, and sometimes finding an original gift idea can be difficult. Yet the bouquet of fresh flowers is ideal and at your fingertips in just a few clicks. Indeed, our site offers a wide range of choices. Violet flowers, white flowers, pink flowers, red flowers, orange flowers, green flowers, blue flowers, yellow flowers, multicolored bouquet, unicolor bouquet. We offer something for all tastes and each of our bouquets will find its follower. In addition, at Monsieur Flower you have the possibility of having a custom flower bouquet for your loved ones. So you are guaranteed to offer a unique and original gift, and what is more, a personalized gift!

Have a bouquet of flowers delivered

If the flower delivery is a very practical service in terms of organization and timing, the home flower delivery or in the workplace brings above all to your present a magical surprise effect! Our experience of florist constantly proves to us that the reception of a bouquet is always a moving moment, full of joy, tenderness and surprise.
Indeed, there is no better feeling than opening your door and discovering a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers specially prepared and designed for you. By delivering a bouquet of fresh flowers to a loved one, you are sure to please and win their heart.
all flower delivery in Toulouse are carried out with the greatest respect for flowers. our florists prepare your bouquet a few hours before delivery and a courier will most often deliver you by bike during the day. 

The art of composing a bouquet

The art of composing a bouquet of fresh flowers may seem obvious but it is based on certain rules and technicalities. There are many techniques for making a bouquet: round bouquet, tall bouquet, one-sided bouquet, drooping bouquet etc Our florists, who have the knowledge and skills to compose a bouquet of flowers, constantly follow innovations in the field of floristry and try to be at the forefront of trends, but they do not forget the classics. 

At Monsieur Flower, we make it a point of honor to carefully craft beautiful bouquet of flowers cut. All the creativity of our florists will be put to work to satisfy your requests and the pleasure of your senses! Indeed, at Monsieur Flower it is important to us to offer you flowers with alluring scents! Thus almost all your senses will be delighted by the aesthetic and olfactory quality of our flowers.

On this page find all our compositions, from the original to the most traditional. There is something for all tastes and all colors! 

How to choose the shape of your bouquets of flowers?

The round bouquets are still very popular and can match any floral style. This shape also has the advantage of presenting the flowers on all sides of the bouquet.

The round bouquet is perfect for the wedding, and especially the bridal bouquet. It is also very suitable for the table decoration of any type of event or as a gift for a birthday, a baptism, a housewarming or just as a small gesture of attention to friends or family.

The one-sided bouquets unlike the round bouquet are suitable to appear on one side only and are very popular in Asia. To make it, we choose flowers with different stem lengths: the longest are placed in the middle and framed by shorter flowers. The result is a triangular shaped bouquet that stretches upward. Only the outer side of the bouquet is filled with flowers, and the back is usually covered with greenery. Ideal flowers are tall and straight. These are gladioli, lilies, callas, amaryllis and anthuriums. Roses and irises can complete the composition. A one-sided bouquet can be an original gift for a birthday, a wedding or when visiting friends or family members.


Le high bouquet is a bouquet that must have an elongated shape. It seems to tend upwards, so it generates a real dynamic, like a force for growth. But these are not the only features of the set: It belongs to linear layout types, so straight lines dominate in this design; There is a focal point, that is, a center that attracts attention; Linearity requires conciseness and restraint, so a minimum of plant material is used.

During assembly, the flowers are placed at different levels so that the composition is dynamic. The high bouquets are generally made from flowers with long stems, such as long roses, orchids, amaryllis, chrysanthemums, gladioli etc ...

The tall bouquets are very aesthetic and very popular as a gift for a wedding, birthday, baptism or for friends.

On what occasion to offer a bouquet of flowers?

Le bouquet of flowers fits any occasion. It will be perfect for thanking for an invitation, thanking after a service rendered, a dinner, a housewarming party, a birthday, an evening, a reception, a birth, special occasions, success in exams, a promotion, a retirement, mothers' Day, Grandmother's Day... But you can also offer a bouquet of flowers no reason, just for fun!

What colors to choose?

Depending on the occasion and the message you want to convey through your bouquet, some colors will work better than others. For a mother, a grandmother, we will favor pink and pastel tones. To show a certain respect, a cordial attention, we will prefer white and “nude” tones.
For happy occasions such as parties or birthdays, all cheerful colors are in order!

What bouquet for a man?

The two-tone combinations are perfectly suited for a bouquet of flowers for men, allowing emotions, thoughtfulness and elegance to be expressed in complete sobriety. Thus, the associations of white and purple, white and green, white and brown, will delight the hearts of men who will receive your delicate intention.

How to maintain a bouquet of fresh flowers?

To best maintain your bouquet of fresh flowers and guarantee its longevity over time, it is advisable to change the water in your vase every two days. At the same time, re-cut each stem of the bouquet to a length of about two centimeters. In order to extend the life of our flowers as much as possible, Mr. Flower provides you with a small sachet to put in your vase (⅓ every two days each time you change the water.)