Funeral wreaths

The loss of a loved one is an extremely painful time in an individual's life. The funeral are a step of considerable importance in the process of deuil. This is why it is necessary to take special care in the ceremony of the person deceased. Traditionally, it is customary to appeal to a ffuneral trustee to communicate its full support to the bereaved family, or to express his sincere feelings one last time to a loved one who has passed away. To do this, Mr. Flower puts all the know-how of its florists to contribution. With respect and kindness, we manually compose all kinds of floral wreaths. We develop them from quality fresh flowers. Ranging from the most traditional to the most original, our aim is to expand your award ceremonies by combining elegance, sobriety and originality.  

The mourning wreaths are flower arrangements which can contain all kinds of flowers and foliage. flower varieties traditionally present on mourning wreaths during funeral are Hydrangeas, Roses, Gerberas, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Lilies. Circular in shape, the mourning wreath is reminiscent of the halo of angels. Both divine and sacred, its round shape symbolizes the strength of union. Often chosen by loved ones, the mourning wreath can just as easily be used as a hommage from people from a more distant circle such as colleagues, associations, companies, unions, parents of students ...

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Who can offer a mourning wreath?

Often chosen by loved ones, the mourning wreath can just as easily be used as a hommage from people from a more distant circle such as colleagues, associations, companies, unions, parents of students ...

Which colors to choose?

The choice of colors must take into account the nature of the relationship one had with the dead, his age, his personality. Traditionally it is agreed to choose bright and warm colors for men and pastel, white for women and children.
Brighter colors and flower arrangements more personalized, which recall the character or energy of the person deceased are a privilege reserved for close friends and family. 

How to leave a nice message?

In order to present your condoleances in writing, or to send a last message to the deceased, you can adorn all the flower arrangements of your choice of a ribbon. The Ribbon can also be used to inform family and loved ones bereaved of the origin of respects, and thereby show them your support. The ribbon is billed at 10 euros, and is offered to you in the event that your order exceeds an amount of 180 euros.

You also have the option of leaving a note on a card that we offer you free of charge with all flower arrangements of your choice.

Here are some examples of what you can write on your ribbon: 

“To my dear (first name of the deceased)”, “To you (first name of the deceased, nickname or adjective which qualifies the affected)”, “To my friend”, “We will never forget you”, “To our regretted friend ”,“ To my regretted (…) ”,“ To our esteemed colleague ”,“ In memory of our esteemed colleague and friend (name of the deceased) ”(…).


What are the delivery terms?

Mr. Flower is a company offlorists which implements its know-how directly from its workshop located in the heart of Toulouse city center. To simplify your funeral procedures, we offer a delivery service accessible by telephone request, or directly from our website

Useful information: 

Service free delivery for requests covering the city of Toulouse.

The mourning flower deliveries located around Toulouse are billed at 7.99 euros. 

In order to be delivered on time, you must place the order by phone or on our site at least 24h in advance.

Editing and Shipping an custom ribbon for a value of 10 euros, requires a delay of 48h (offered from 180 euros of purchases). 

We deliver all our mourning flower arrangements (funeral snowshoes, body cushions, mourning hearts, fronts of the tomb, christian crosses) every day except Sunday from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. in the places of your choice (cemetery, funeral home, crematorium, undertaker's, burial chamber, église, home).