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Discover the bouquets of your florist DELIVERED ALL OVER FRANCE

Thanks to a short supply cycle from carefully chosen producers, your florist's fresh flowers never stay more than two days in our workshops.

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The Monsieur Flower collection

Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Eternal Roses

Dried Flowers

Do It Yourself Kits

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A trendy bouquet of flowers (Peonies)

Bouquet of the month


From 42 €

The month of June puts peonies in the spotlight. Monsieur Flower offers you tender pink peonies of the Sarah Bernhardt variety (sourced from Var, France)

Bouquet of the week


From 38 €

With a softer and seasonal hue, the bouquet of the week is based on lily of the valley at the beginning of May.

Illustration ensuring the artisanal side of the bouquet from your florist in Toulouse

Floral artisans

Everything is done in our Toulouse workshop using our little hands

Illustration ensuring the freshness of the flowers selected by your florist in Toulouse

Fresh flowers

To maintain quality, our fresh flowers stay for a maximum of 2 days in the shop.

Illustration ensuring the "Made in France" of your florist in Toulouse


We provide you with fresh, seasonal flowers from French horticulturalists.

Illustration of the resistant flower transport packaging from your florist in Toulouse

Pro delivery

Your bouquet is secured in durable packaging to ensure quality transport.

Illustration ensuring the longevity of eternal roses from your florist in Toulouse

Our eternal roses

Our stabilized natural flowers have a lifespan of several years and require no maintenance.

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