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Discover the bouquets of your florist DELIVERED ALL OVER FRANCE

Thanks to a short supply cycle from carefully chosen producers, your florist's fresh flowers never stay more than two days in our workshops.

From 36 €

From 37 €

Current offer

A trendy bouquet of flowers (Peonies)

Bouquet of the month


From 42 €

The month of June puts peonies in the spotlight. Monsieur Flower offers you tender pink peonies of the Sarah Bernhardt variety (sourced from Var, France)

Bouquet of the week


From 38 €

With a softer and seasonal hue, the bouquet of the week is based on lily of the valley at the beginning of May.

Illustration ensuring the artisanal side of the bouquet from your florist in Toulouse

Floral artisans

Everything is done in our Toulouse workshop using our little hands

Illustration ensuring the "Made in France" of your florist in Toulouse


We provide you with fresh, seasonal flowers from French horticulturalists.

Illustration of the resistant flower transport packaging from your florist in Toulouse

Pro delivery

Your bouquet is secured in durable packaging to ensure quality transport.

Illustration ensuring the freshness of the flowers selected by your florist in Toulouse

Fresh flowers

To maintain quality, our fresh flowers stay for a maximum of 2 days in the shop.

Illustration ensuring the longevity of eternal roses from your florist in Toulouse

Our eternal roses

These natural and stabilized flowers have a lifespan of several years.

Monsieur Flower's expertise

We have certain values ​​that it is important for us to apply on a daily basis.

It is essential for us to surprise and delight our customers, so we try to create beautiful things every day. Our daily ambition is to grow and progress, to learn new techniques, to follow the training and master-classes of the best florist schools and to follow the trends and the most creative designers. Building a solid and lasting relationship with our customers is a priority for us, so we are very demanding on the quality of our work and always listen to each of your feedback.

We believe that it is essential today to be eco-responsible and even at our level to commit to the protection of our planet. For this we have decided to work as much as possible with local producers to reduce the impact of transport. We have selected biodegradable cardboard boxes for our deliveries to Toulouse and we are greatly reducing the use of plastic to replace them with kraft paper and of course we are committed to recycling or sorting our green waste.

To ensure the peace of our customers who order on the internet, we deliver flowers in biodegradable packaging which ensures maximum protection for our bouquets and our compositions. The majority of our deliveries to Toulouse, whether for our bouquets of fresh flowers, our bouquets and dried flower arrangements or our eternal flowers, are made by bicycle and within 24 hours. Regarding our deliveries to the rest of France, our partner DHL makes them within 48 hours maximum. We are very attentive to deadlines and we allow our customers to precisely follow each of our deliveries.

Our partners

Today we have the confidence of companies such as “Mercedes LG automobile”, Ferrari Lamborghini dealer “Modena sport Toulouse” and “Nissan Toulouse”. They chose to order bouquets of flowers from us and offer them to their customers. The Galeries Lafayette de Toulouse contacted us to make floral creations within their sales area. 

They trust us …

… why not you

We also work with the organizers of various events and architects in Toulouse. We offered roses to all the women of the Toulouse marathon and bouquets of flowers to the winners of several national golf competitions and in favor of an association for the fight against stroke. The magazine "Marie Claire" elected our Box of Eternal Roses as the best Christmas gift idea. And there is nothing better for an artist than the recognition of his clients.

Florist in the heart of Toulouse

“Since I was little, I have always been naturally very sensitive to the beauty of nature and the arts. I grew up in a thriving region surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes, lush green fields and meadows carpeted with flowers, which is surely why, three years ago, after my business studies, it was a real pleasure to start Mr. Flower. So I suggested to my mother, a woman with delicate taste and a keen sense of beauty, to open a flower company. Fresh flowers, bouquets of flowers, bouquets of dried flowers and arrangements, eternal flowers, rare orchids and potted plants are now our daily life.

Three years later, we are a small team of eight people. We are creative, passionate about the arts, flowers, we love our work and we are happy to accompany our clients for the important moments in their lives.

Our shop is located in the heart of downtown Toulouse, with a charming red brick basement that serves as a workshop for our bouquets, our compositions of fresh flowers, preserved flowers and dried flowers. We have adapted this basement to allow us to dry our own flowers ourselves and to offer you the best quality of dried flowers. "

Emma, Founder of Monsieur Flower

The front of the Monsieur Flower store, at 8 rue baronie in Toulouse, adorned with blue flowers.